Light roasts aiming at preserving each coffee’s unique flavor properties. Suitably roasted for brewing methods such as Dripper, Percolator, French Press, Aeropress etc.

Colombia La Esperanza Gesha
Colombia La Esperanza Gesha
Purple Flowers, Passion Fruit, Strawberries, Nutmeg   Recommended as: Filter The first Colombian Gesha arrived to Café Granja La Esperanza through Carleida state farm, located next to La Esmeralda state farm in Boquete Panama. This farm was leased by Café Granja La Esperanza for 7 years, and it is located in the Alto Jaramillo, Boquete - cradle of the amazing Panamanian Gesha. In 2008, the Carleida farm achieved First placing in the annual competition of the best Panamanian specialty coffees, “The Best of Panama” (BOP), with its Gesha variety, and has continued to achieve top placings in later years. The award winning seeds of the Panamanian state farm were then brought home to Colombia & sown in experimental lots on the three volcanic mountain ranges of Colombia where the best Gesha bushes are being reproduced on commercial lots in Trujillo and Caicedonia area, from Valle del Cauca State. Gesha coffee trees, robust and cheerful, have grown in great terroirs of Cerro Azul, La Esperanza and Buenos Aires farms - in the foothills of the western mountain range and in Las Margaritas farm, nestled in a large area in the central mountain range.   Roasters Notes: Cafe Granja La Esperanza is a multi award winning farm in Colombia. Their coffees have constantly been the favorites of baristas for competition and with it, have won numerous national competitions as well as top placings on the international stage. This is why it is with great excitement that we are able to have an opportunity to source a batch shipped directly to us from farm and offering all of you a change to taste this very special coffee. This has been one of the most amazing Gesha we have tasted outside of Panama. It is truly a complex coffee yet flavors are so well married to each other. It's exceptional sweetness and an acidity that's not overpowering brings joy in every sip. We went out of norm with this coffee, roasting a quick 5 minute roast which did well in highlighting all the fruit and floral notes this coffee has to offer. If you've never tried a Gesha before, this is one that you should definitely give a try   Area: La Esperanza, Valle del Cauca, Trujillo Process: Natural Variety: Gesha Altitude: 1430 - 1760 meters
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Honduras El Milagro
Honduras El Milagro
Orange Cream, Green Mango, Honey   Roaster's Notes: Simplicity at it's best. This is our second offering from Honduras this year and this natural Bourbon is turning out to be a very sweet and comforting filter or a balanced, yummy espresso and even perfect for milk. We're enjoying it's clarity in flavors yet still sufficiently complex making this a very versatile coiffee. A coffee that will be enjoyed by both new or experienced drinkers     Area: Opado, La Paz Process: Natural Variety: Bourbon Altitude: 1650 meters  
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Colombia El Paraiso Limone Gesha
Colombia El Paraiso Limone Gesha
Jasmine, Lemongrass, Gingerbeer    Recommended as: Filter Diego Samuel started with his coffee growing project Finca El Paraiso in 2008. To him growing coffee was fascinating, he would love visiting his friend’s farms and see them growing coffee. No one in his family grew coffee at that time so he says that he’s been adopted by the coffee growing industry. His family owned a farm that was isolated so Diego saw the opportunity to grow coffee there and after getting the permission of his family to start growing coffee he begins a 2.5 hectares project while doing his studies on Agricultural Enterprise Management. In 2019, Andres Felipe Ospina, a coffee researcher who put a lot of effort in coffee fermentation, work along with Diego, discovering by manipulating fermentation could brings out certain flavor in coffee, later on they decided to use “Double Anaerobic” process in their coffee, creating interesting flavor, awarded #10 in COE of Colombia 2019 and highest record of bidding value on Colombia so far. This farm also produce different lot of coffee with different fermentation rate, creating different flavors such as lime, lychee, rose, plum and many others. In midyear of 2019, Berg Wu visited El Paraiso and used their series for team Simple Kaffa in TBC 2020, successfully taking Champion and 1st runner up using “Poppy Mint “ and “Flor Lichi” Geisha.   Roaster's Notes: The Gesha varietal takes this coffee into another dimension by retaining all the unique ginger character from the processing and now adding floral jasmines and a boosted acidity into the cup. Thjis coffee really begs to be brewed on filter and enjoyed slowly with a book   Area: Cacau, Colombia Process: Double Anaerobic Washed Variety: Gesha Altitude: 2050 meters  
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Happy Blend
A melange of whatever beans we have left behind that was not bought within 2 weeks past roast. These are perfectly roasted beans but were just sadly not taken by anyone before time was up. Now it has a second chance to make you happy with a heavily discounted price just so we don’t waste what’s been done by farmers Perfect for seasoning grinders, researching brewing parameters or practicing latte art. Please take note that flavors and taste will likely be very off   It makes us happy to not see good coffees go to waste :)
**Batch from May 20th - June 5th
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