Honduras El Retono

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Plums, Orange zest, Floral


Suyapa is from the department of La Paz and found love in José Luis Suazo Rodriguez of the village La Laguna, San Sebastián in the department of Comayagua where she now has her farm called El Retoño in honor of his young son Luis.

El Retoño farma is located an altitude of  1780 meters above sea level, the variety grown is Catuai. Suyapa says that despite being the coffee production with a variety susceptible to diseases and pests, you can get a quality coffee with much care and attention, but overall taking advance of the excellent height.

The farm belonged to the mother of her husband, who decided to give them the management to support his young family. With the passing of the years bought other plots have been planting some more coffee.

Through of IHCAFE, she got technical assistance and now uses soil analysis to determine the nutritional needs of the crop; usually it makes two fertilizations and keeps the farm clean and free of pests and diseases.

She dreams of improving her farm and milling station to continue producing specialty coffee to help her in consolidating in the international market.


Area: Comayagua, San Sebastián
Process: Natural
Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1780m


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