Indonesia Ciela West Java

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Pineapple, Berries, Milk Chocolate


Recommended as: Espresso


Roaster’s Notes:

We’re always excited when we see origins stepping out of their stereotype flavor profiles so we knew that we had to get hold of this coffee for ourselves. It’s one of our favorite coffees right now to have as a straight espresso shot at the shop. Indonesians are mostly Catimor – associated to earthy and spice flavors so we’re happy to say that this one is anything but that. Java regions plants a variety of others but it’s the Typica variety in this one that gives it a fruity & floral qualities. The natural processing here further highlights these properties. Flavors are layered, mellow and comforting. No big, loud, punchy bass notes for this one. Just a long lingering sweet finish


Area: Small Farms of Ciela Village, Mt Cikuray, West Jawa

Process: Natural

Variety: Typica, Lini S

Altitude: 1600-1800 meters


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