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Green Apple, Brown Sugar, Herbal


Sabarica is a coffee producer for Sabah’s coffee (Coffea arabica species) harvested with love through our sustainable management practices with local coffee plantations in the foothills of Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Broneo. Plantation of coffee was introduced to locals at Mount Kinabalu in 1950s yet commercial harvesting with good processing methods was re-introduced to locals again in recent years through the collaboration between Sabarica and the local coffee farmers and with support from our Agriculture Dept. With Sabarica’s sustainable management of the coffee plantation, local cafes and restaurants can enjoy the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans while helping local smallholder farmers and their coffee farms grow. Sabarica supported plantations are located in Ranau, Sabah. Sabarica now supplies wholesale of green beans to cafes and coffee roasters worldwide as well as roasted coffee beans for local consumption and retail


Roaster Notes:

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Sabarica founder – Jackz Lee and enjoyed his passion towards building up our very own Malaysian specialty coffee. He has spent much effort and time to bring together all the scattered smallholder farmers around Mt Kinabalu region and has committed to pay higher price/kg to the farmers to encourage them to continue growing coffees in this region. This is our second time working with Sabarica and have continued to be impressed with the consistency and uniformity of the beans year over year. This gives us great pride to be able to showcase our own specialty grade national coffee to all of you – Malaysia Boleh!

This coffee has been delightful as espresso. Initial sips gives you tart green apple acidity followed by a long brown sugar sweetness; finishing with a touch of herbal tone, true to this lot of Catimor varietal. The typical herbal & earthy notes of this varietal is very well controlled here so expect a clean and balanced cup.



Area: Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Process: Honey

Variety: Catimor

Altitude: 1300-1450 meters

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