Nicaragua Finca Mierisch Mamamina

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Almonds, Green Grapes, Baking Spice


Quoted from WCR: Originated from a cross between Pacas and Maragogipe. Incomplete pedigree selection conducted by the Salvadoran Institute of Coffee Research (ISIC). Grown primarily in El Salvador, where it is frequently dominates Cup of Excellence competitions for high cup quality.

Mama Mina is named after grandma Mierisch (Mina McEwan) whose family runs the Mierisch Farms, a collection of a few neighbouring farms. Initially named La Minita, they changed the name to avoid confusion with the famous La Minita farm in Costa Rica.

Mama Mina is the youngest farm growing the Pacamara varietal but has quickly developed to produce some of the best in the region


Roasters Notes:

The Pacamara varietal is created with the idea of harnessing the excellent cup qualities of the Maragogype varietal and combine it to the highly disease resistant and high-yielding varietal of Pacas, creating something something that’s the best of both worlds. The Pacamara however, is definitely one of the most challenging varietals to a roaster. The sheer size of the beans means a chaotic tumbling motion in the drum, easily inducing non-uniform heat transfers which then creates weak heat penetration potential. This means a coffee that’s easily burnt as well as easy to underdevelop

We approached this coffee with a gentle and slow roast profile to encourage full and complete internal development of the bean. The reward is a cup clearly defines a good Pacamara – a dense, full yet smooth body. The stronger body encourages more flavorful sips that’s filed with dried fruit notes



Area: Laguna Verde, Matagalpa

Process: Natural

Variety: Pacamara

Altitude: 1275 – 1400 meters

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